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Come join us this Saturday for a special show curated by the young guns at SWIM...

Come join us this Saturday for a special show curated by the young guns at SWIM TEAM. Beer by Fort Point, Wine by Class and Cheese by Water Buffalo while it lasts.

Swimmin In The Playground

FIFTY24SF Gallery is pleased to present ‘Swimmin’ In The Playground,’ the latest group exhibition from SWIM Team curated by its youthful duo, Yarrow Slaps and Auguste Somers. After two highly successful and critically acclaimed shows at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, SWIM Team backstrokes into the Bay Area with an opening reception at FIFTY24SF GALLERY on Saturday, May 21st from 7 - 10pm in San Francisco’s Lower Haight. The exhibition features an unique array of dynamic and captivating artwork that, as the curators declare, "will make you excited for art again." The featured artists were chosen from a range of criteria prioritizing artist locality, subject matter and resonance within the collective subconscious of the group as a whole.

The show features an assortment of 24 Bay Area artists, six select LA-based artists and six SWIM Team all-stars from various locations to round things out. The group operates within a wide-range of mediums, techniques and career levels. From Tracey Snelling’s scale model neighborhoods to Matt Gonzales’ assembled collages. Justin Hager, Yarrow Slaps and Michelle Guintu’s often humorous interpretations of pop culture to Jason Jägel's mixed media paintings created from C-prints raided from his photographer wife’s studio trash bin. Kristen Liu-Wong’s otherworldly erotic neon-pastel clad illustrations will certainly pique some eyebrows as will Sean Newport’s mesmerizing geometric wood assemblages. There are so many spectacular artists and so much great work to share with you, we barely know where to start. Guess you're going to have to come check it out for yourself.

Featured Artists:

Alex Hartong
Angela Dalinger
Anne Regan
Ace West
Auguste Somers
Billy Kheel
Chad Hasegawa
Clarence Lives
Dave Schubert
Dustin Fosnot
Ferris Plock
Frohawk TwoFeathers
Jason Jägel
Jonathan Mannion
Justin Hager
Kristen Liu-Wong
Lucila Orengo
Marc Etherington
Marie Englesvold
Matt Gonzales
Meegan Barnes
Michelle Guintu
Monica Canilao
Monica Kimgarza
Muzae Sesay
Nathan McKee
Nome Edonna
Rabbit Garcia
Rich Fonseca
Rich Jacobs
Rye Purvis
Sean Newport
Telopa Treloky
Tracey Snelling
Xara Thustra
Yarrow Slaps
Swimmin In The Playground