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By @askewone "The 6 pieces I made for Oceanic are inspired by Samoa. It was impo...

By @askewone "The 6 pieces I made for Oceanic are inspired by Samoa. It was important for me to make something radically different from what people expect - I think there is a tendency towards bright vibrant colour or the earthy tones of Tapa etc when referencing the Pacific aesthetic. I wanted to really break away from that in this instance and make something really minimal & modern. To me, Samoa is a place of intense contrasts - it has a kind of duality about it in every facet of life there. Independence has insured a strong sense of identity and a way of life has truly persevered but it has also come with certain costs to Samoa's economic autonomy. While we were there last year I felt like I was on a roller coaster every day - often moved by Samoa's beauty & warm spirit only to witness or learn something so harsh or brutal just moments later. There are so many more contrasts - those that occur between western government concepts & the Matai system, religion & traditions pre-missionary contact. With an economy that is highly dependent on aid and remittances sent from Samoan people living abroad it is likely that certain trade offs will occur as the government makes trade arrangements with larger nations. Climate change is a universally accepted concept there, it's impact is absolutely apparent and ensuring access to traditional food sources and other resources is vital in the survival of a traditional way of life - you have to really question things like the TPPA and how it will affect places like Samoa long term. What is the balance between modern economics & it's perks (creating infrastructure & access to healthcare etc) vs maintaining proud cultural traditions and the environment in which it lives."

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Oceanic presented by @rexromae_ runs July 24 - 30 2014, 17-19 Great Eastern Street, London EC2 More to see at http://news.upperplayground.com/