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David Choe

David Choe


Everyone loves an underdog. If you’re one of the many afflicted by bullies out there, this song is for you. And if you’re a bully- F you. This is about taking the definition of a bully, someone who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker, and turning and taking that power and putting it straight up into that bully’s behind. And really, most bullies after high school, or whatever pool of a place they’re from, go out into the real world which strangles their hard hearts into an even greater mess than whatever they've done. They always lose. No one deserves a bully and a bully deserves no one. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t feel sorry for
them. The only way to become a champion is to keep fighting. This is Mangchi. There’s a different season for everyone, but for the bully it’s fall.

Directed & Edited by Paco Raterta

Shot by Lulu & Jason Jaworski

Additional footage by Czar Campos & Paco Raterta

Special Thanks Christian Acuña, Genevieve Iñumerable, Vanessa Ulgado