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Ear Piece That Translates Conversations in Real-Time

Au Revoir language barriers! No more English to French dictionaries to carry around, or Google translate applications that work for text only, the Pilot ear piece is the future we’ve all been waiting for. Coming out Fall of 2016 by Waverly Laboratories, the idea was inspired by Andrew Ochoa when he met a French woman. Instead of getting lost in translation, Ochoa took to the lab to create a product that would translate any language in real time, to allow for conversation instantaneously, thus saving nine months of your life trying to learn conversational French on Rosetta Stone. With this technology, live speech translates in seconds, and the app even works offline.

The Pilot Ear Piece

The company is still crowd-funding resources, so the future is not here just yet. But, you can support the cause and purchase the ear pieces on May 25th on a pre-order early bird special that will cost around $129-$179.

Captain Spock, this is old news for you.

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Live long and prosper, humans.

The Pilot Ear Piece Color Options

The Pilot Ear Piece