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A peek into the sketchbook of Pat Perry

Artist and illustrator Pat Perry’s sketchbook caught our attention this morning and we take the time to examine his loose and imaginative interpretations of reality.

PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground01 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground02 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground03 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground04 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground05 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground06 PatPerry-sketchbook-upperplayground07

We also examine his murals rendered in the similar style of loops and figures that aptly describe our wandering and chaotic mind. His work reminds us of day dreams and imaginative loop holes that explore our mind’s eye.

PatPerry-mural-upperplayground01PatPerry-mural-upperplayground03 PatPerry-mural-upperplayground02


For more info about Pat Perry and his Sketchbook visit his website here.