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Full Coverage of Urban Nation’s Project M/5 Part 1

Here are some “Behind the scenes”-documentation of Urban Nation’s Project M/5 which took place last week in Berlin. Photographer, Henrik Haven was there to document the whole event and sends us the latest photos with detailed coverage of all artists and their work.

This year’s PM/5 is curated by Roland Henry and VNA Magazine and features a massive mural (and walls) by Eine and window installations by artists: Sickboy, Nick Walker, Xenz, Will Barras , Mark Lyken, Pam Glew, Steff Plaetz, O TWO, SheOne and Ben Frost.  Some of these artists were busy at work completing additional walls out side and inside the Urban Nation’s Headquarters as well.

In addition, Urban Nation organized new outdoor walls by Above, David Walker, Klone Yourself and Don John plus indoor walls/pieces by Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk, James Bullough, 45rpm, Yohnagao, Eli Troinin and Bosoletti.

It’s really an enormous group of talented artists  and we are excited to share what’s been done:

UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven001 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven002 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven003 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven004 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven005 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven006 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven007 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven008 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven009 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven010 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven011 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven012 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven013 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven014 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven015 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven016 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven017 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven018 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven019 UrbanNation-M5-HenrikHaven020