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David Choe Announces a 100000 Cash Prize Scavenger Hunt Contest!!!

Direct announcement via dvdasa.com: “$100,000!!! That’s right a ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR CASH PRIZE SCAVENGER HUNT CONTEST!!!

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i haven’t gambled in 2 years , but i haven’t cleaned my room in 7 years. Since being let go from all my mainstream media jobs I had a lot more free time on my hands , and decided to finaly clean my hoarders room. And in the same way some of you might find delight in finding 20 dollars in some old hidden jeans, I found an old shoebox with $100,000 from my old gambling days under a pile of comics and cum rags. I know this might sound unbelievable to most of you, but I used to go to vegas every week with shoeboxes and pillowcases full of millions of dollars, so one must’ve gotten lost in the shuffle. For his years of loyal service, I gave critter my trusted bodyguard the money , as a bonus for all the off the books horrible dirty deeds he had to perform on my behalf. but like a woman reciveing cash for sexual favors this just made him feel dirtier, so he decided he doesn’t want to keep any of this dirty money . so on behalf of the very generous critter . I’m proud to announce –
Winner will receive One hundred thousand dollars in cash and an opportunity to be in a steve lee song a david choe painting a Asa Akira pornographic film and a chance to determine the future of the DVDASA show. The contest starts now and will end on the devils nightSo Pay close attention
follow the clues
No cheating
we are watching
Anyone who is on the show is not eligible
Anyone who is friends or family with any of the crew is not eligible
Anyone who harrasses anyone on the show , related to the show , friends and family will be disqualified immediately.
If you complain at all about anything
Instantly disqualified.Upper PlaygroundThat’s all I have for now, I’m making this shit up as I go, it’s not perfect like everything I do, if you bitch or complain about absolutely anything , you’re out , so stay tuned here for more details how to play and enter . clues will be released and taken down randomly.Follow on instagram
for any additional clues and updates .if you’ve never had hot magma like jizm infused with genuine enthusiasm launched on to your cute freckled face these announcements is what that feels like . DVDASA unblackmalable built to last –do not fuck with us , we are not right in the head , we are not the people to fuck with , we are not a cult (we are) , we are not a movement (we are), we are family ,we are in the matrix , we are here to help . you’re either with us or you’re with us . all we do is Ngyuen – carry on – business as um usual. – your spiritual guidance counselor – IGLOO ‘CHOEY’ HONG”