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New work by M-City at historical Profsajungu Palace in Vilnius

For the occasion of Vilnius Street Art Festival, Polish artist M-City was invited to Vilnius, a 100 year old city with  a long history of political heritage and rapid changes that came with its recent embrace for democracy and developments.  The city still retains some of its soviet heritage and the Vilnius Street Art Festival strategically chose these interesting locations for artists to experiment with.

M-City was given a significant landmark to the city, a building that used to be the Soviet Palace of Trade Union. Reflecting on its dark and tumultuous history, the artist went to work on its tall columns and decaying facade to bring out its beauty:

vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-001 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-003 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-005 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-006 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-008 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-009 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-010 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-011 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-012 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-014 vilnius-streetart-MCity-mural-015

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All photos copyright: Henrik Haven