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New Tankpetrol wall at Lukiskiu Prison for Vilnius Street Art Festival

UK artist Tankpetrol has finished a giant wall in his signature stencil style at Lukiskiu Prison in Vilnius.  Recognized as the toughest prison in Lithuania where prisoners are spending their lifetime sentences, the city aims to revamp the prison’s image for its 100 year old anniversary this year.  Vilnius Street Art Festival in partnership with Urban Nation invited Tankpetrol, currently based in Manchester,  to create a piece on the exterior of the prison wall interpreting themes of the oppression and the freedom.

tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-001 tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-002 tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-003 tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-004 tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-006 tankpetrol-vilnius-streetart-prison-007

The finished mural in stencil style was received warmly by the Vilnius inhabitants and with the prison staff: “Green is a colour of hope. We hope this artwork would help to change how the public see’s our institution, we are not here to oppress, but to protect.” – said the head of the prison.


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All photos herein by Henrik Haven.