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Part 2 of Our Comprehensive Coverage of WE AArt with murals by Aryz, Alexis Diaz, ESCIF, LiQUEN, Interesni Kazki, JAZ, Fintan Magee, Kenor and Don John

Contributing Photographer Henrik Haven travelled to Aalborg, Denmark to cover WE AArt – a special public art event featuring new murals by AryzAlexis Diaz, EscifLiqenInteresni KazkiJazFintan MageeKenor and Don John. With an intention to rethink and innovate the use of public space in large cities, WE AArt aims to create and add new ways of expression and innovation in public art by focusing entirely on murals.  

Check out the stunning results of the artists work and find more information about the 3 year passion project at WE AArt .  Additional photographs by Allan Toft.

weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-02 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-03 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-04 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-05 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-06 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-07 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-10 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-11 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-13 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-14 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-15 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-16 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-18 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-19 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-20 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-21 weaart-mural-henrikhaven-allantoft-streetart-22

About WE AArt

WEAArt is a project intending to create and add new ways of expressions, as an inspiration and innovation for rethinking our view of public space in our city.

WE AArt is a private initiative.
WE AArt are: Lars Bonde and Mads Mulvad
WE AArt is a project than will run for the next three years.