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Christian Rex Van Minnen installs giant billboard in NY for the Artha Project

Currently up for display in NY is a strange looking giant billboard by Artist Christian Rex van Minnen known for his strange and fantastical interpretations of classical still life and portrait paintings. His recent installation is that of one of his paintings from his solo show at Robischon Gallery in Denver, Colorado for Artha Projects and Prince Media. If you happen to be in NY, go see it for yourself on 6th and Grand in Tribeca:

Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-005 Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-007Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-006

If you are unfamiliar with his work, checkout his recent works below or visit his website at www.christianvanminnen.com.

Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-008 Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-009 o-CHRISTIAN-REX-VAN-MINNEN-RED-AND-GREEN-facebook

Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-001 Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-002 Christian-Rex-Van-Minnen-fantasy-003