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Metallic Murals by Bik-Ismo

Emerging Puerto Rican street artist, BIK ISMO has been popping out “Metallic” murals from 2D walls impressing street audiences with his standout style and technique. His 3D skills in crafting smooth metallic surfaces out of aerosol are much more complex than it appears. We take a closer look at some of his latest works documented via his IG @bikismo and others who captured his work in Wynwood, Miami, at this year’s ArtBasel among other places.

Dominican Republic: (via @tostfilms)

bik-ismo-puertorico-metallic-mural-streetart-06 bik-ismo-puertorico-metallic-mural-streetart-05

Wynwood, Miami: ( via @bikismo)

bik-ismo-puertorico-metallic-mural-streetart-03bik-ismo-puertorico-metallic-mural-streetart-08 bik-ismo-puertorico-metallic-mural-streetart-07

Finished Metallic Dog (via @kyong_hwa)


Calle Serra, Sancerce Puerto Rico: (via @bikismo)


Israel: (via @bikismo)