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"Je Suis Charlie": Artists React to Terrorist Attack on the French Satirical Magazine, Charlie Hebdo

The shocking terrorist attack on the famed cultural satire magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris affected many of us around the world. Artists and supporters world wide reacted passionately to the news of the 12 staff members who were killed by two gunmen who entered the offices of the magazine on Wednesday, January 7th.  The terrorists pointedly killed those who they held responsible of publishing the forbidden image of the Prophet Mohammed and the God of Islam.  Four of the 12 victims were considered to be one the most talented and respected French cartoonists of our time.  Saddened by the news and enraged by the terrorist's intent to curb creativity and freedom of expression, millions of people spoke out by attending demonstrations and sharing the outrage on their social media.

In Paris "Not AFRAID": 

Here are some of the best artist reactions showing their vigilance against these acts of violence and their support to stand with Charlie Hebdo by declaring: 'Je Suis Charlie' - 'I am Charlie'.  #jesuischarlie



Travis Millard @theotherfudge:




David Pope:


Tania Castillo @tanucastillo:

 Rafael Anderson:



Philippe Geluk: