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"PRIMITIVO" - New works by SANER at Jonathan LeVine Gallery showing until February 7th, 2015

Renown Mexican Artist and long time supporter of Upper PlaygroundSaner, is currently showing new works at Jonathan LeVine Gallery from January 10th to February 7th, 2015.  His work, heavily influenced by traditional Mexican customs and folklore are presented with new paintings and ink works exhibiting at his solo show titled, Primitivo.


His work continues to pay homage to his Mexican roots and portrays characters wearing Nahuale masks reminiscent of those found on the streets of Mexico. The masks according to legend, have the power to transform human beings into animals. And reflecting on the relationship of Man vs Nature the artist  asks: 

“We talk about primitive man as this tough guy, living in an elementary way only focused on basic needs. Modern man no longer has to hunt or provide in such a rudimentary way and yet more than ever we are faced with poverty and war. So are we really living in such a highly developed world?” - Saner

His questions appear embedded in his paintings and illustrations, analyzing what he calls " Primitive Vision" in relationship to the current corrupt political systems and the ongoing violence that erupts in his home country, Mexico. 

For more information visit Jonathan LeVine Gallery or view the artists site at saner.com.mx