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Stunning Hyperreal Sculptures of Warhol and Dali by Kazuhiro Tsuji

Contemporary hyperrealist sculptor, Kazuhiro Tsuji shifted his focus toward Fine Art and Sculpture after working as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood for 25 years. Using resin, platinum silicone, and his special craft honed from his dedication to the world of special effects, Kazu began building 3-Dimensional portraits of famous figures.  By trial and error since 2008, the artist figured out how to improve upon his hyper-realistic sculptures, or busts of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Abraham Lincoln at two times the actual size of the person.  The scale, texture and detail add to the sensory experience for his audience and evoke a temptation to feel what is presented before them:

Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-001 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-002 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-003 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-004 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-005 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-006 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-007 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-008 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-009 Kazuhiro-tsuji-hyperreal-sculpture-010

For more info about the artist visit kazustudios.com.