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Preview of ‘CUT IT OUT’ at Urban Nation Berlin: An homage to Stencil Art

Urban Nation has invited photographer Henrik Haven and Olly Walker, to co-curate an exhibition and workshops about the art of using Stencils.  CUT IT OUT! is dedicated to the art of the stencil and features brand new works, equipment, tools and stencils by Above, Adam 5100, Aiko, Alessio-B, Artist Ouvrier, B-Toy, C215, Canvaz, Don John, Eins92, Eelus, EismannArts, Epsylon Point, Fin Dac, Icy & Sot, Jana & Js, Jef Aerosol, Joe Iurato, Kurar, Logan Hicks, M-City, Mobstr, Monkey Bird, Nick Walker, Orticanoodles, Pisa 73, Reko Rennie, Rene Gagnon, Snik, Sten & Lex, Stencil King, Stew, STF, Stinkfish, Tankpetrol and XooooX and more. The show opens Saturday January 31st at Urban Nation Headquaters in Berlin and plan to  unveil new walls and public installations by Jef Aerosol, M-City as well.

Joe Lurato:

01. Joe Iurato


02. M-City

Icy and Sot:

04. Icy & Sot


07. Alessio-B

Jana and JS:

09. Jana & JS


10. BTOY


11. Stinkfish12. Stinkfish


13. Snik



Eisemann Arts:

15. EismannArts 16. EismannArts

Monkey Bird:

17. Monkey Bird

For more info visit Urban Nation at their website here. And stay tuned for our coverage of the show which will unfold in just a few days.