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A City Made of Staples: ‘Ephemicropolis’ by Peter Root

UK based artist, Peter Root, uses staples to construct miniature cities filled with office buildings and skyscrapers. In his beautiful installation Ephemicropolis, Root used approximately 100,000 staples and a floor area of 600cm x 300cm. Stacks of staples were broken into varying sizes from full stack about 12cm high to single staples.

Ephemicropolis-Peter Root001 Ephemicropolis-Peter Root003 Ephemicropolis-Peter Root002

Below are photos from Low Rise. Root says, “Like a city, the staples are subject to the elements, on a micro scale. The slightest breath or vibration and the domino effect kicks in”.

Low-Rise-Peter Root Low Rise-Peter Root

Images via Peter Root