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Salt Installations by Motoi Yamamoto


Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates large-scale intricate installations inspired by mountain ranges, typhoons, oceans, and shattered planets using just one medium: Salt. Yamamoto’s monumental saltscapes have basic guidelines, but the works are almost entirely improvised with mistakes often left intact during hundreds of hours of precise pouring.


In Japanese culture salt is a traditional symbol for purification and mourning, and often used at funeral rituals. Yamamoto’s connection with salt as a medium began while mourning the death of his 24-year-old sister from brain cancer. He started to create art out of salt as way to preserve his memories of her.

After his installations have been on view, the public is invited to destroy and help package the salt into jars, after which it is thrown back into the ocean. Below are select photos and  video of  Motoi Yamamoto’s work: