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Vermont Man Seeking Freedom and Travel Builds Tiny House on Wheels

Check out the tiny house Vermont resident Ethan Waldman built after quitting his job so he could do some traveling. The 30 year-old Waldman gave up his well-paying job and did almost all the work himself, finishing the 200-square-foot home on wheels in just over a year.

Waldman’s new home ended up costing about $40,000 in total. Roughly $26,000 in materials and $14,000 in labor, hiring a professional roofer and paying a company to install the insulation. An investment well worth it for the Vermonter, as he’s traveled extensively since finishing the home.


Ethan has written and published a book titled Tiny House Decisions, guiding others who want to build a small home. In addition, his website thetinyhouse.net offers insight and instructions on the process of building a tiny house.