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Metal Sculptures of Lenny Prince Made of Car Mufflers


Just as it states on his website, ‘Lenny’s Creations‘, Lenny Prince is indeed a “Muffler Man Into Heavy Metal”.  For the last 4 years, Lenny has been steadily churning out some incredible metal creations of all sizes reshaped and welded into elaborate super heroes, knights and warriors to name a few.  He even veers into his own version of the ‘King of Pop’ and other curious innovations showing off his welding and metal skills into an art form.


As an auto mechanic with his love for muscle cars, Lenny has been working with scrap metal from cars for years and he decided to start building them into his own original life-sized sculptures less than 5 years ago.  His personal passion project quickly grew into a decently sized collection which led him to open a museum in Stanten Island that showcases his impressive works.


Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-02 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-03 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-04 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-05 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-07

Photos via New York Times