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Artist Jim Denevan Works With Nature To Create Large Scale Land Art


Based in Santa Cruz, California, Jim Denevan has been working with nature as a medium to temporarily install beautiful geometric patterns upon landscapes. In search of exotic and unpopulated landscapes, his works are usually outside of California. His unexpected and stunning drawings on sand, earth, and ice are formed by geometric circles lines and patterns mimicking nature.  The works are often done in fragile terrain, eventually erased by waves and weather.  It’s temporal nature and sheer size which can be seen from outer space are quite impressive:

Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-01 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-02 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-03 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-04 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-07 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-08 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-09 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-10 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-11 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-12 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-15 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-17 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-18 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-19 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-20 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-21 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-22 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-23 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-24 jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow