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Upper Playground x Sam’s Grill Dice Cup

1 Upper Playground x Sams Grill Dice Cup san francisco heritage preservation society sams grill dice cup

Upper Playground’s San Francisco Heritage Preservation Society has teamed up with legendary SF restaurant and bar, Sam’s Grill, for a special released Liar’s Dice Cup.  Liar’s Dice is an old San Francisco tradition, once played in every gambling den and bar room in town. Played with 5 dice and a cup, the object is to outbid, out bluff, and outlast your opponents. The game is still played throughout the city and most notably at one of San Francisco’s oldest restaurant institutions, Sam’s Grill.

This limited edition Liar’s Dice Cup is made from selected oak-tanned and stitched genuine leather and comes with five black dice and velveteen pouch. Only 50 dice cups made. Perfect for holiday gaming.

Sam’s Grill
374 Bush Street
Downtown San Francisco