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VICE interviews David Choe about Naked girls and Visions of Ayahuasca for his show: Snowman Monkey BBQ

Snowman Monkey BBQ Opened this past weekend at Museo Universitario del Chopo to eager crowds and fans of Choe.  This highly anticipated show, which marks the first exhibit of Choe’s in four years did really in include naked girls and many references to his inspirations from Mexico. VICE just released an interview with David in which he explains:

David Choe: I’ve been a gambling addict for most of my adult life. The baccarat room in most casinos is filled with Chinese people, and if you are not high-stakes gambler, to walk into that room is intimidating. It’s very loud, and there’s a lot of superstition, and everything is in Chinese, even in in Vegas. But every once in a while, you’d hear an American word screamed out—either “monkey,” which means you want a face card; “snowman,” which means you need an eight; and “BBQ,” which is when you lose—you get a six and the dealer gets a seven, and you get BBQ’ed. I guess it sounds like something in Chinese. And I was like, this is the fucking craziest game, its literally like 50/50, like flipping a coin, and people are betting millions of thousands of dollars. When I was a young man I thought, I’ll never be like those people. Cut to ten years later, and I’m screaming, “Monkey, monkey, snowman, snowman!” louder than anyone at the table, risking my entire life savings, losing everything, winning everything.

This is my first show in four years. And everyone goes, like, “What’s the holdup?” Well, I was busy screaming “BBQ, monkey, snowman!” I was gambling every single day at every casino in the world, every Indian reservation casino, Monte Carlo, Macau, anywhere where there’s gambling. I fell deep into addiction. But I don’t gamble anymore; I haven’t gambled in almost two years. I went to rehab and all that shit, which is gay, but I did it. I think one out of four gambling addicts kill themselves.

So I thought it was time to do a show, and when they asked me to think of a name for the show, SNOWMAN MONKEY BBQ seemed like the right choice.

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SNOWMAN MONKEY BBQ will run until October 27th 2013

Museo Universitario del Chopo
Dr Enrique Gonzalez Mtz #10
Mexico City