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THE ARRIVAL of Apophis – Dhear & Smithe @FIFTY24MX

Apophis is a near-earth astroid. During a close encounter with the Earth, an apophis could potentially pass through a gravitational keyhole that would set up a catastrophic impact with our planet in 2036. Apophis is the inspiration for Dhear & Smithe’s new show: The Arrival of Apophis. They will present a new series of drawings, paintings and sculptures based on their interpretations of this theme. The show will present a variety of new flora and fauna species and a post apocalyptic humanity with new religious, political and social implications.

Pre-opening cocktail
Thursday March 21, 8-11 PM
Public Opening: Friday, March 22 6-9 PM
Show goes on until April 14, 2013

Fifty24MX is located at:
Colima 184, Rome, Mexico City
Screen shot 2013 03 19 at 8.52.44 PM  THE ARRIVAL of Apophis    Dhear & Smithe @FIFTY24MX upper playground smithe FIFTY24MX dhear asteroid apophis