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Angry People


Angry People is an ongoing collaborative illustration project by Chilean artist Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo. Alvaro asks his fans to send him photos of their angry expression, and in return he creates a digital portrait that they can keep. Here is a selection of a few of his portraits. If you think that you are the next face for Angry People, you can send your file to Alvaro via his Tumblr.
02-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 03-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 04-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 05-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 06-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 07-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 08-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport 09-angrypeople-hidalgo-citrusreport

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