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POW WOW HAWAII 2015 is Underway


Right now in Hawaii thousands of art fans are convening for the week long POW! WOW! mural festival.

The festival was founded by artist Jasper Wong five years ago in Hong Kong, and then was moved to Hawaii. “We want to build bridges all over the world and connect them back to Hawaii. Create a collective of like-minded individuals. A global family of artists that has ties back to our hometown of Hawaii. We hope this will help in exposing the world to all the great art and artists of this island chain” Wong said.

This year the festival runs through February 14th, and boasts an impressive line up of artists including:  Nychos, Ron English, Dabs Myla, 1xRun, Vhils, Gaia and more. Take a look at what’s already been completed, and keep an eye out for new murals being completed this week!





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