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Doodle Ramblings by Marty Cooper

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 8.14.56 AM 605x441 Doodle Ramblings by Marty Cooper white out transparent stop motion sharpie Marty Cooper iphone5 citrus report augmented reality Aug(De)Mented animated short
This animated short titled Aug(De)Mented Reality, was created by Marty Cooper using his iPhone 5, transparent sheets, a sharpie, and whiteout. The monsters and creatures that he doodles onto the film seem to interact with the environments that they are drawn over. The characters come alive through a technique similar to a stop motion, and below you can see his three minute compilation:

to see more from Marty, visit his Tumblr site called, Doodle RamblingsĀ here.

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