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CaveDigger Carves His Sanctuary Out Of Sandstone

For the past 10 years artist Ra Paulette has been sculpting a cathedral-like series of caverns into the sandstone cliffs of New Mexico. His goal is to create a transformative space for “spiritual renewal and personal well being.” Each cavern takes on its own unique design, and the project has become his Magnum Opus. See the images below for an idea of what we’re talking about. And scroll to the bottom to watch the trailer of the short documentary called “CaveDigger” that was released in 2013.

citrusreport-cave-digger-01 citrusreport-cave-digger-02
citrusreport-cave-digger-17 citrusreport-cave-digger-16 citrusreport-cave-digger-14 citrusreport-cave-digger-11 citrusreport-cave-digger-10 citrusreport-cave-digger-09 citrusreport-cave-digger-08 citrusreport-cave-digger-07 citrusreport-cave-digger-06 citrusreport-cave-digger-05 citrusreport-cave-digger-03

CaveDigger – Trailer from Jeffrey Karoff on Vimeo.

See more cave images at Ra Paulette

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