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JONATHAN ZAWADA “Free Roam Above the Mist” @ Prism LA

 JONATHAN ZAWADA Free Roam Above the Mist @ Prism LA prism Los Angeles jonathan zawada

Definitely someone to pay attention to in the fine art world, Australia’s Jonathan Zawada. He has a show opening on Saturday, September 8, at Prism LA.

The exhibition is centred around an expansive suite of oil paintings – painted depictions of digital renders of the Elbe Sandstone Mountainscapes, a topography most significant as a site represented by Caspar David Friedrich in Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.

Zawada’s interest in Friedrich’s work concentrates on his employment of third-person perspective, which is the resonant concern of this exhibition. With an understanding of painting as a pre-digital example of the virtual, Zawada conceives a dialogue between three texts:Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, Friedrich Nietzche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra and the video game Red Dead Redemption. Third-person perspective is shared between these three sources, a commonality that points towards Zawada’s wider interest in metaphysics, perceptual reality, transitional landscapes and narrative agency.